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Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs Charmin: Which is Better?

When reviewing the top toilet paper companies, it’s vital to consider some of the reputed players in the industry, such as Kirkland and Charmin. For individuals looking for decent home toilet papers, this post on Kirkland toilet paper vs. Charmin will help you make a perfect buy. 

Kirkland brand toilet paper is not the same as Charmin in texture as it is rougher compared to Charmin. It is less expensive and with thinner ply.

In the Kirkland versus Charmin toilet paper debate, the latter stands out thanks to its usability, durability, and overall comfort. It strikes the ideal mix of price and softness for modern toilet paper. 

Therefore, if you want to buy premium toilet paper for your household, Charmin won’t disappoint. This post gives a detailed comparison of the two brands to inform your buying decision. 

Is Kirkland Brand Toilet Paper the same as Charmin?

Kirkland brand toilet paper is a store brand whereas Charmin is a premium brand toilet paper which is soft, with thicker ply and overall more comfortable to use. Let us look in depth at their differences.

Consider the following aspects when selecting one of the two brands:

1) Texture

Charmin toilet tissue boasts a soft, well-balanced feeling that is pleasant to the touch. It holds up well after many wipes, even when wet, which is an excellent test. 

On the flip side, Kirkland toilet paper has a rougher feel that is less pleasant during subsequent wipes when wet. When it pertains to the general value of each toilet paper manufacturer, this is an essential aspect to consider since most consumers price comfort above everything. 

Charmin manufacturers designed their toilet tissue to be soft to your skin, and you’ll notice it the moment you pick it. The softness is a chief selling feature for the company, and it’s what makes it a top toilet paper choice for many people across the world. 

2) Durability

The second thing to evaluate when analyzing Kirkland toilet paper vs. Charmin is durability. A toilet tissue company that does not provide a lasting or sustainable toilet paper isn’t worth your bucks. 

Once again, Charmin toilet paper eclipses Kirkland since it employs a sturdier material capable of withstanding its own under pressure-even when it is damp. 

Although Kirkland is a robust toilet roll that works well, it trails Charmin in effectiveness because Kirkland is a less expensive brand that’s more concerned with cost-efficiency. 

Consequently, the ply becomes thinner and less durable. 

3) Affordability

This one goes to Kirkland. Since it is not a luxury toilet tissue brand, it is marginally less expensive than Charmin. 

Kirkland supplies most of its rolls in bulk and at a fair price. Additionally, Kirkland is a Costco tissue paper, which implies it is less costly. 

Even though Charmin doesn’t pride itself on cost-effectiveness like other brands, it is still an excellent buy compared to other options.

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Is Kirkland Toilet Paper A Good Deal?

Kirkland toilet paper is a good deal as it is made from refined components, has a soft texture, and retails at a reasonable price. Millions of buyers go for it owing to its handiness in different situations. Even though Kirkland toilet tissue is not as resilient as others, such as Charmin, it remains one of the best toilet paper products today. 

It all boils down to figuring out what you prefer as a user. 

Advantages Of Kirkland Toilet Paper

  • It is soft
  • It offers value for money
  • It is septic-safe
  • Comfortable to use
  • It has excellent strength when dry
  • It boasts thickness and absorbency


  • It is thinner than other toilet papers

What Toilet Paper is Comparable to Kirkland Brand?

Sam’s Club toilet paper that is Members Mark is comparable to Kirkland toilet paper brand as they are both warehouse brands. However you save more with Sam’s Club toilet paper you get $0.30 per roll compared to $0.56 per roll for Kirkland toilet paper brand.

How Good Is Charmin Toilet Paper?

Charmin tissue paper attained a significant average of dry and wet lint tests in lab analysis, which is among the testers’ most desired traits. It maintains the pattern of reviewers favoring strength over softness. 

Advantages Of Charmin Toilet Paper

  • It exudes softness
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is septic-safe
  • It is long-lasting
  • It stays strong in humid conditions


  • It is more expensive than other brands. 

What Toilet Paper Is Comparable to Charmin?

Cottonelle is a renowned toilet tissue company that can supply premium quality tissue papers that match Charmin’s effectiveness, durability, and general comfort.

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FAQs on Kirkland Toilet Paper Vs. Charmin

1. How Does Kirkland Bath Tissue Compare To Charmin?

Charmin toilet paper is notably thicker than Kirkland. Kirkland is thicker than Scott or generic products. 

2. Does Charmin Toilet Paper Break Down?

The Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper, which promised not to clog your drain lines, disintegrates, but not like the cheap stuff. 

3. Who Manufactures Kirkland Toilet Paper?

A few reports suggest Clearwater Paper Corporation as one of the multiple manufacturers of Kirkland toilet paper sold at Costco. Nonetheless, it is customary to conceal such information, considering Costco is reputed to sell over a billion rolls of them every year.

4. Is Charmin Toilet Paper Made In the USA?

Procter & Gamble, which manufactures Charmin, has plant facilities in 31 cities around the United States, including Phoenix. You will find massive toilet tissue production plants in California, Pennsylvania, and other places. 

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5. Does Charmin Clog Toilets?

Charmin tissue paper is clog-free, septic-safe, soft, and cushion, and those qualities explain why Roto-Rooter approved it. In addition, plumbers put Charmin to multiple tests in their houses to confirm that the toilet paper was flush-able and clog-safe. 

6. Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Bleached?

Instead of chlorine, try bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. Costco brand (a Kirkland Signature) recycles using PCF and pulps with ECF, with chlorine dioxide most likely added. 

You can recycle it from 0 to 50% depending on the store you bought it. 

7. Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Worth?

Although it wasn’t a standout performer, this Costco brand 2-ply bath tissue received a lot of average ratings: it passed the softness, absorbency, dry strength, and thickness tests with flying colors. 

It received a higher than standard wet strength score, yet it did not dissolve readily in dissolvability tests.

8. Is Kirkland Toilet Paper Safe To Use?

Research shows that Kirkland toilet paper is safe to use, provided you maintain your septic system properly. 

9. Does Charmin Toilet Paper Cause Itching?

Theoretically, you could be allergic to some ingredients found in tissue paper, such as scent. It can lead to vulvitis, a disorder characterized by itching, redness, burning, or swelling. 

If you feel these sensations after using tissue paper (particularly if it’s scented), switch to a different brand.

Concluding Thoughts

Kirkland brand toilet paper is is not the same as Charmin on all fronts, price, texture and durability.

Charmin toilet tissue triumphs over Kirkland owing to its durability, enhanced comfort, and general efficiency. It is undoubtedly the superior toilet roll grade and the best choice for individuals seeking a luxury experience. 

Kirkland is a decent, affordable alternative for individuals with a limited budget. 

Moving forward, it all boils down to what you want to derive from the tissue paper. Kirkland would be a great pick if you want to save some bucks; otherwise, Charmin is the superior all-around choice.

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