icera toilet reviews

Icera Toilet Reviews

Every home needs a toilet, and I’m sure you want the ideal top-brand toilet in your home. As you search for the best toilet companies in your local stores or online, you’ll come across Icera toilets, which rank among the top-tier versions.

Icera creates toilets with distinctively streamlined exteriors, high-performance components, and water-saving features. The prime thing about them is that they have qualities that distinguish them from other brands on the market.

Icera seeks to develop comfortable toilets that are the ideal height for all, including the elderly and those with back problems. This article outlines some of their best collections’ specs and features to assist you in identifying the benefits and downsides and getting the most bang for your buck.

Is Icera A Good Brand Toilet?

Icera is a good toilet brand that has been a well-known brand for toiletries and accessories since 1995. While Icera lacks the brand recognition and appeal of Kohler, Toto, or the American Standard, it can beat and surpass the best in the market.

Their toilet items have the form and size of a modern bowl and are tank-like in design. No one can match the durability of their goods.

They provide a wide range of toilets and manufacture wall-mounted, one- and two-piece designs, vanities, and vanities.

Icera has a track record of delivering high-performance toilets. The EcoQuattro® flushing unit has been professionally flush tested to 1000 grams MAP (miso) throughout the brand portfolio.

Icera now provides 1.0 gpf “Ultra High Performance” toilets for optimum conservation.

How Tall Is A Standard Icera Toilet Bowl?

Icera built models that fulfill WaterSense and ADA regulations while obtaining a high flush rate assessed by the MaP scale. The bowl has an extended form and is 16-1/2 inches tall.

How Long Has Icera Been Making Toilet Products?

Icera has been in business since 1995 and has earned a reputation for providing entire suite sets that are visually appealing and require less water.

Are Icera Toilets Easy To Use?

Icera toilets are very simple to use. The brand provides user handbooks with suitable instructions for consumers to use the facilities without difficulties. 

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How Do You Clean An Icera Toilet?

Use a wet cloth or soft sponge and avoid using abrasive materials like scouring pads or hard-bristle brushes to clean the toilet surface. Abrasive substances may cause damage to the porcelain glaze. 

Use a non-caustic cleaner to wipe off the surfaces and thoroughly rinse them with water. Dry over sprays that spill on surrounding surfaces. 

Allow cleaners to dry before wiping off surfaces. Cleaners should not be allowed to linger on surfaces.

Furthermore, use toilet bowl cleaners at least once every week. Clean the rim holes (and deep into the trap) with a long-handled brush to stop mineral deposits from accumulating.

Most toilet bowl cleaners are not damaging to the vitreous china surface of the toilet bowl. 

NOTE: Avoid using in-tank cleaners in the toilet. Chlorine products can severely corrode tank fittings and result in leaks and damage. The use of in-tank cleansers renders the product warranty invalid. 

What Should You Do If Icera Toilet Isn’t Flushing Properly?

  • Make sure the tank lever chain is tight. 
  • Fill the tank with water.
  • Check and unblock plumbing vents with a professional.

Icera Toilet Reviews: Features

Icera toilets have numerous outstanding features. Let’s see why you should consider this brand:


The toilets feature a chair-height seat with warranty coverage and 100% factory flush testing. 

Water Usage

All Icera toilets are water-efficient and water-saving, thus earning the brand “EPA WaterSense Certification.” It can handle up to 1000 grams of waste material every flush while utilizing only 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) of water. 

While modern toilets consume 1.6 gallons of water a flush, older toilets use 3.5 gallons.


Icera toilets are available in a variety of exquisite styles. Buy distinct toilet designs based on your preferences.

Price And Warranty

You may get Icera toilets at a very affordable price. You should examine the warranty system and information before purchasing to receive good after-sales care from the firm. 

Flushing System And Activation

The flush mechanism on the Icera toilet is gravity-based and far quieter than the other types. It also features a robust flushing system. 

The toilet also boasts a flushing button which is more efficient than other versions. 

The Shape And Height Of The Bowl

The toilet is approximately 15 inches tall, close to the standard height. The 15 inches is super comfortable to sit on.

Most customers prefer elongated models to circular ones. 

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Icera Toilet Reviews

Icera C-6200.01 Riose OP Toilet, White

If you want a one-piece toilet with a modern style that compliments the aesthetic of a bathroom, the Riose OP toilet from Icera is your best choice. It takes pleasure in its distinctive elegance and excellent design and thus complements and matches most bathroom decors. 

The chair-height seating in the Riose OP toilet makes sitting and standing up easier. Its height is ideal for everyone, including those who are exceedingly short or tall. 

The toilet is also convenient for the elderly and those with mobility challenges. The extended bowl improves toilet convenience and comfort. 

Icera’s proprietary EcoQuattro flushing system is well-known and renowned for its efficiency. The system delivers enough gravity flushing force and pressure, which culminates in water saving. 

With a water use of only 1.28 gallons every flush, the Riose OP will go a long way toward lowering your water expenses. A massive trapway guarantees that the facility never blocks or clogs.


  • Water-saving performance
  • The wide trapway minimizes clogging.
  • One-piece, compact design.
  • Chair-height seating


  • Forceful slamming could damage toilet seat hinges.

Icera Julian One-Piece Toilet

The Julian One-Piece design by Icera has a vintage, one-of-a-kind, and exquisite appearance that complements the ambiance of any bathroom. Its style, with chair-height seating, is suitable for both adults and children. 

What’s more astonishing about this unit is that it has an expanded bowl that improves the comfort and ease of using it.

The Julian One-Piece toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water on every flush, which implies that you may save money on your water expenses by using this toilet.

The toilet has a considerable suction pressure that allows it to clean all the filth in a single flash. 

Julian One-Piece features a sturdy and functional design that provides extra room and comfort for tall individuals when they relieve themselves. In addition, the toilet embodies robust materials, so it is resistant to wear and tear. 


  • It features chair-height seating.
  • EPA WaterSense certified 
  • An elongated bowl provides extra comfort
  • It comes with a silent close seat.


  • For solid material, you may need to flush numerous times. 

 Icera One-Piece Elongated Toilet W/Skirted Trapway Muse C-6190.00 Toilet

Icera’s Muse toilet type has a sleeker and thinner appearance than other versions on the market. This ultra-modern toilet includes a stylish rimless cleaning function that integrates two enormous twin jets at the rear of the bowl.

The seat has an open rim passage that allows for vigorous flushing. It guarantees that the toilet consumes as little water as possible with each flush. 

The Muse toilet model’s design prioritizes the performance and dependability of such a bathroom appliance. The toilet features an elongated bowl that fits into any setting, including small ones. 

The toilet has a MicroGlaze finish that improves the stain-resistant and anti-bacterial qualities. Consequently, the unit may keep its rustic and appealing appearance for the rest of its life.

The Muse toilet design has been thoroughly factory flush tested for performance and backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. As a result, you can be confident that every flush will eliminate all solid and liquid waste.


  • It includes an elongated bowl
  • Water-efficient, utilizing just 1.28 GPF
  • It features rimless washing
  • It incorporates a protective glaze
  • The enlarged trapway prevents clogging


  • Compared to other toilets, the Icera Muse model comes short in terms of quality.

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What To Consider Before Buying Icera Toilets

1) A Large Water Spot

A sizeable water spot is essential since it ensures the freshness of the toilet. Huge water spots keep smells and other undesirable odors at bay, keeping your restroom smelling fresh at all times. 

Furthermore, the water spot prevents the possibility of water spilling on you when releasing yourself. 

2) Rough-in Size

You must know the size of your rough-in, so you can only choose a toilet that fits. A 12-inch toilet, for instance, needs a 12-inch rough-in.

3) Type Of Mounting

Most homeowners and plumbers prefer floor mounting because it is universal with most manufacturers. If you have a small bathroom, you should choose wall mountain as it saves space.

Final Remarks

Icera toilets are unquestionably a great complement to any bathroom. They are not only appealing, but they also have unique characteristics that provide dependable performance. 

Icera toilets are suitable for everyone, making them an excellent solution for household and business settings. These toilets are incredibly resilient to wear and tear, and as a result, they offer the most value for your money.

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