how to keep bathroom counter dry

How to Keep Bathroom Counter Dry

Most of us don’t pay attention to our bathroom countertops, paying more attention to keeping the floor tidy and dry. However, once the area becomes wet, grimy, or cluttered, the condition of your bathroom is compromised.

Your bathroom counter serves the essential purpose of keeping key items like make-up, hairbrushes, and even toothbrush holders. Therefore, this area needs to remain clean and dry at all times.

This is achievable by developing a routine you can comfortably maintain to ensure your bathroom is a place you will feel happy going to every day.

How to keep bathroom counter dry

Adopt Consistent Cleaning

You should make a point of wiping your bathroom sink and counter to eliminate any particles, toothpaste globs, and water that may have splashed on the counter. This is an easy task to accomplish since it doesn’t entail a thorough scrubbing session.

All it takes is one or two swipes on the counter and sink using baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, a microfiber cloth, or a washcloth. It would be best to keep these items close by, maybe in a cabinet next to your bathroom sink for easy access.

If you have a stone sink, such as marble or granite, use a stone cleaner that is PH neutral rather than hand soap. 

In addition, wipe the faucets making sure every residue and water drops are off the sink basin, counter, and faucets. Keeping the taps and sink clean protects them from forming mineral deposits or water spots.

Keep The Cleaning Wipes Close By

You can easily wipe off any messes you or your kids make on the bathroom counter before it stains if you store the disinfectant or cleaning wipes nearby. With these items close by, anyone using the bathroom can access them and wipe off any liquids increasing the chances of keeping the counter dry always. 

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Install The Right Sink And Faucet

Pairing the right sink and faucet goes a long way in keeping your bathroom counter dry. When remodeling your home, you must pay attention to choosing your bathroom sink and tap because not all faucets are suited for all sinks.

For instance, the flow rates are higher in kitchen and bathtub faucets than in bathroom faucets. Therefore, using a tap designed for a kitchen sink or bathtub in your bathroom sink, particularly a shallow one, will highly likely generate water splashing.

Make sure the faucet you get is specifically for bathrooms and offers about a 1.5 GPM flow rate. 

If you prefer a shallow bathroom sink, go for a shorter faucet to reduce the distance traveled by water before reaching the sink’s basin. A short spout will ensure the water pours straight into your bathroom sink, lowering the surface for water to spatter off of hence keeping your counter dry. 

Individuals who love taller faucets featuring high-arc styles are better off with a deeper sink as it will keep the water from splashing. Therefore, choose an over 16 inch wide and over a 4-inch deep sink to increase the chances of keeping your counter splash-free. 

In addition, it is paramount to position the faucet correctly. For instance, keep its height only a few inches above the bathroom sink’s rink and the spout in the middle of the sink to direct the water directly into the drain. 

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Teaching Your Kids How To Use The Bathroom Sink

Kids can really mess up your bathroom sink counter, leaving it wet and disorganized. This may happen if your child can’t reach the sink because they are too short, or you haven’t taught them how to use and leave the bathroom clean and tidy. 

Teaching your kid how to use the bathroom will save you a lot of clean-up time since your washroom will remain dry and organized even after use by kids. A step stool will come in handy in a home with kids as it will make it easier for kids to clean their hands. 

Step stools come in various designs and materials, ranging from plastic to wood. Therefore, you have the freedom to choose the style that suits you best.

However, consider a pull-out step if you don’t like having a step tool getting in the way of your movement or having limited space in your bathroom. You only need to slide it out of a drawer when you need to use it and push it back afterward. 

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Clean Your Teeth While Facing Down

Your sink, mirror, and counter will get messy quickly if you brush your teeth while facing the bathroom mirror. This is a big deal, mainly if you stick to cleaning your teeth twice every day 

If you face the mirror while brushing, toothpaste bubbles will spray into your sink, countertop, mirror, and faucet. This will only leave this area wet, messy, and unappealing and also increase your cleaning responsibilities.

You can avoid this issue by bowing your head close to the sink while brushing to ensure the bubbles go directly to the drain instead of the nearby areas. 

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FAQ on How to keep bathroom counter dry

1. How Do You Keep Bathroom Sink Countertops Dry?

You can keep your bathroom sink countertop dry by keeping the water out in the first place. Do so by regulating the water pressure, using the correct combination of sink and faucet, and positioning the tap appropriately.

It is also essential to keep cleaning wipes and dryer sheets close to help you clean messes swiftly before they stain the counter. Moreover, teach your kid how to use the sink and also lead by example by keeping the area clean and neat.

2. How Do You Keep Water Off Countertops?

Prevention is the best way to keep water off your countertops. Therefore, strive to keep the faucets, sink, and countertops dry by maintaining the ideal water pressure, investing in a swivel faucet to help direct the water flow, and using the right sink and tap.

Moreover, if you spill water on the countertop, clean immediately.


Keeping your bathroom counter dry may seem challenging to achieve, but you can turn this problem into a non-issue through simple steps. First, make sure you install the best sink and faucet to curb splashing and observe routine cleaning, including wiping off messes immediately. 

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