Extra Thick Wax Ring Vs Regular

Extra Thick Wax Ring Vs Regular: Which is Better?

Nobody wants a leaky, dirty, unhygienic, and unusable toilet that lets sewer gases into your home, so proper installation is of utmost importance. When installing a toilet to achieve an airtight seal, a lot goes into consideration, including deciding between an extra thick wax ring and a regular one.

So can you use an extra thick wax ring? Yes you can use an extra thick wax ring especially when your toilet flange is 1/4 inch below the floor or when the flange is level to the floor.

A wax ring prevents leakages while the water goes through the toilet bottom to the drainpipe; that’s why you need to pick the best and install it correctly. However, without proper knowledge determining the correct wax ring size can be challenging since it is a technical and confusing subject. 

This post aims to help make this task manageable by comparing extra thick wax rings vs regular ones. 

Can You Use Two Wax Rings To Seal A Toilet?

You can use two wax rings on your toilet, especially after installing new thick flooring in your bathroom, making the toilet flange sit too low below the floor. A thicker flooring raises the distance between the toilet base and the toiler flange and increases the floor height.

A regular wax ring will likely be too small to fix this space and also cause waste to leak into the floor when you flush the toilet. You can solve this problem by opting to stack together two regular wax rings or use an extra thick wax ring.

However, keep in mind that stacking two regular wax rings can lead to leaks, so, if possible, go for an extra thick wax ring to form a super airtight seal. 

Extra Thick Wax Ring Vs Regular: A Detailed Comparison

Extra thick wax rings and regular ones serve the same function but differ in specific ways. Below is a summary of their differences.

Characteristics Extra Thick Wax Rings Regular Wax Rings
Weight Heavy Light
Thickness 2 Inches ¾ inch to 1 inch
Installation  Complicated Easier
Price Expensive Less expensive


While the above factors show you the differences between the two, you need to know more before deciding which one to buy. Therefore, let’s explore them further to provide you with the information you need.

  1. Weight

Due to the materials needed to make the wax rings, extra thick wax rings weigh more than regular ones. However, the excess weight doesn’t affect the toilet seal results but instead ensures you cover more significant portions of the toilet with the additional material. 

  1. Thickness

Regular wax rings are about ¾ inches to 1 inch thick and are the commonly used wax rings and the standard size. On the other hand, double-thick wax rings or extra thick wax rings are a minimum of 2 inches thick.

Simply put, extra thick wax rings are double the size of regular wax rings. Moreover, considering they are made using the same material, they are heavier and thicker.

  1. Application Variation

Your toilet flange depth will determine whether to use a regular or an extra thick wax ring. For example, you will need a regular wax ring if your toilet flange is within ¼ inch range of your bathroom floor or on the same level. 

On the other hand, an extra thick wax ring is the ideal choice if your toilet flange is over ¼ inch below the floor. This scenario can happen when you replace your existing bathroom flooring with extra thick flooring.

  1. Price

Pricing is an apparent distinction between regular wax rings and extra thick wax rings, with the latter costing more. The price difference is because of the variation in size.

When it comes to choosing between the two, your toilet flange will help determine your ideal wax ring. There aren’t a lot of differences in the functionality of these wax rings, and their features will not help pick the right one.

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How Thick of Wax Ring Do I Need?

extra thick wax ring vs regular

Below is a guide you can rely on when choosing a regular wax ring or an extra thick wax ring for your toilet. 

a) Toilet Flange Height

Knowing the height of your toilet flange is paramount to ensuring you create an airtight seal that will prevent leakages, keeping your toilet functional, hygienic, and pleasant. Some flanges are below the floor, some are level with the bathroom floor, while others sit higher than the floor.

The height of your toilet flange will help you determine the right wax ring for your toilet.

b) Material

Wax rings are made of different materials such as rubber, foam, neoprene, and silicone. Rubber wax rings have anti-microbial properties, making them more effective. 

In addition, rubber wax rings offer superior resistance to hard water and chlorine, making them longer lasting in areas with hard water. Nonetheless, regular and extra thick wax rings are durable and reliable but prioritize those made of rubber. 

c) Thickness

You are better off with an extra thick wax ring if your toilet flange is installed much lower than your bathroom flooring. This is because its thickness will help make the difference, raising the flange to the flooring level and forming an airtight seal.

On the flip side, a regular wax ring is perfect if your flange is only ¼ inch below or level with the floor.

d) Warranty

Excellent products give customers warranties to protect against product failure or breakage. The duration varies among brands, with some offering ten years, some five years, and others a year.

You must check a wax ring’s warranty before buying, choosing one with over three years of warranty if possible. 

e) Size

Wax rings are available in different sizes, with standard diameter options of 4 inches and 3 inches. In addition, you will also find different thicknesses- extra thick and regular.  

It’s essential to pick the diameter and thickness that suits your toilet and if you aren’t sure, consult a professional plumber for appropriate sizing.

f) Drain Size

The size of your drain also determines the right wax ring for your toilet. Some toilet seals have built-in flanges, making the ring compatible with various drain sizes. 

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What Are Some of  The Best Wax Rings?

Knowing the factors to consider when picking a wax ring, you can now confidently choose one that suits you best. Below are excellent examples of the best extra thick wax rings and regular wax rings you should consider. 

Fluidmaster 7513 Extra Thick Wax Toilet Bowl Gasket with Flange

This wax ring offers unparalleled protection against leaks due to the nearly two times the thickness of regular wax rings. You will not have to use two rings if you choose the Fluidmaster 7513 since it’s thick enough (over 40% wax than average wax seals) to be installed alone to get optimum protection. 

Besides the added protection, this wax ring is also easy to install, so you can decide to perform the installation yourself. Since it comes with an additional flange, you can install your toilet bowl on the bathroom floor or the waste lines below the floor.

 In addition, the Fluidmaster 7513 is adaptable to 4 inches and 3 inches waste lines. A Polyethylene flange is also included as a bonus to enhance its quality and serviceability. 

The Polyethylene flange is bacteria resistant and eliminates foul odors and the gases between the waste lines and the toilet bowl. During installation, you must carefully perform the toilet bowl alignment with the bathroom floor to prevent wobbling. 

This wax ring gives you proper seal positioning and a strong seal that will last for a pretty long time. Moreover, you get a 5-year warranty when you buy it.

  • It offers a watertight seal
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and affordable
  • Compatible with a majority of toilet models


  • You must warm it before installation

Prime Line MP56533 Universal Toilet Wax Ring with Bolts

You get less wax in Prime Line MP56533, but that’s to be expected since it’s a regular wax ring. However, it’s a universal ring compatible with most bowls, so you don’t need to dwell on its radius and diameter too much.

It adjusts to asymmetrical floors to provide a tight seal. Furthermore, the wax has a pleasant smell that will undoubtedly come in handy, especially if you have been putting up with a leaking toilet for a couple of days. 

The Prime Line MP56533 also features a black rubber funnel and bowl installation nuts, washers, and bolts. You can count on this wax ring for a water-proof seal and long-lasting, pleasing odor. 


  • It fits nearly every toilet bowl
  • Forms a watertight seal
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable and durable
  • Includes all installation essentials
  • The wax oozes a decent smell


  • Misleading marketing on the number of items in the package.

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Choosing between an extra thick wax ring and a regular one is important since the wrong choice can cause problems like leaks. Your toilet flange placement is critical for your selection since it will let you know how thick your wax ring should be. 

Remember that wax rings are pretty long-lasting, remaining functional for up to 30 years and don’t need maintenance. However, you will need to replace them if they fail prematurely, dry out, or crumble. 

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