eljer diplomat toilet review

Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review

While the brand is a factor many people focus on when buying a toilet, paying more attention to the toilet is more worthwhile. For this reason, while Eljer Toilets is a famous brand known for producing durable, aesthetically appealing, comfortable, and well-designed toilets, does the Eljer Diplomat fit the bill?

Eljer Diplomat has a great flushing capacity, and the toilet is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. In addition, it’s easy to clean, consumes less water, is comfortable, and meets the ADA regulations. 

However, despite the good qualities, this doesn’t mean this toilet is flawless as it comes with its set of problems. 

This Eljer Diplomat toilet review will help you understand the intricacies of this toilet better and decide whether it’s for you or not. So, keep reading.

Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review: Specifications

Feature  Details
Rough-in Distance  12 inches
Bowl Shape Round and elongated
Trapway Diameter 2-1/8 inch
Flush Type Single
Mounting Type Floor
Gallons Per Flush 1.6
Flushing system Gravity Siphonic
Trapway Type Not concealed
Flush Performance Rating 1000 gram
ADA Compliant Yes
Toilet seat type Slow-close 

Eljer Diplomat Toilet: An Overview

This budget-friendly toilet is designed with an oversized 3-inch flush valve to deliver a powerful and reliable flush. It has a 1000 MaP score which means it uses a single flush to get rid of wastes amounting to 1000g.

It’s built with a PowerWash rim that rinses the toilet bowl with every flush. Moreover, this toilet remains clean longer since the porcelain’s finish features an EverClean glaze.

The super-smooth EverClean Surface is easy to clean, and you won’t struggle to keep it clean even after using the toilet for many years. In addition, the EverClean antimicrobial surface prevents odor-causing bacteria and stains from growing for as long as you have the toilet.

Eljer Diplomat toilet also comes with a slow-close toilet seat with a one-year warranty, so the seat doesn’t slam or pinch your fingers when closing. In addition, it meets the ADA requirements, has a 12-inch rough-in, and a warranty of 5 years for mechanical parts and a limited lifetime for chinaware.

The Strengths of Eljer Diplomat Toilet

Below are the other reasons to love this toilet.

  1. It Delivers A Powerful Flush

Eljer Diplomat is powerful enough to drain all your waste with a single flush, made possible by the ProOne flushing system. Furthermore, it’s fitted with a category seven 3-inch flush valve that supplies water to the toilet bowl at high velocity via the dual-jet water feed. 

Due to the flushing system and the flush valve, you only need to flush the toilet once. It’s worth noting that the flush valve has a chlorine-resistant flapper that contributes to Eljer Diplomat’s durability.

2. Easy Cleaning

Since Eljer Diplomat is effortless to clean because it’s fully glazed, hence resistant to stains, and doesn’t accumulate any buildup. 

The cleaning will be done when you flush the toilet for the most part. At the same time, odor and stain growth will be curbed by the EverClean antimicrobial surface, keeping your bathroom sanitary. 

In addition, you can easily remove any stains and dirt from the fully glazed with a gentle scrub. Ultimately, with care, Eljer Diplomat will stay shiny for many years. 

3. Less Water Consumption

Eljer Diplomat has a relatively low water consumption of 1.6 gallons per flush, which goes a long way in reducing your water usage, and that’s good for the environment. Furthermore, it lowers your water bills, minimizing your monthly expenses.

You may be tempted to think that the flushing power is affected since it uses less water, but that’s far from the truth. All the waste is expelled with a single flush.

4. The Toilet Seat Doesn’t Slam

This toilet comes with a slow-close toilet seat, so it closes quietly and slowly, making it safe for your fingers. Furthermore, it’s suitable for homes with kids and pets. 

5. Good Warranty

You get a limited warranty for this toilet’s chinaware, a year for the toilet seat, and five years for mechanical parts.

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The Weaknesses Of Eljer Diplomat Toilet

As mentioned, this toilet isn’t perfect as it has its shortcomings and you should know them before buying it. Below are the complaints raised by real users based on their experiences.

a) Leaking Issues

This is undoubtedly the most significant issue, and it affected many people within a few days following installation. The leaking happens between the tank side and the toilet bowl since there’s an uneven lip.

The toilet will eventually leak regardless of how much you tighten the mounting screws.

b) There Are Gaps Between The Tank And The Base

Eljer Diplomat is a two-piece toilet with the tank sitting on the bowl. While this isn’t typically a problem, the porcelain-based isn’t always level in this toilet, forming gaps between the tank and the base.

Despite this being a manufacturing error, the brand didn’t fix the problem. 

c) Cracks

Having your toilet without any provocations is quite annoying, a problem some Eljer Diplomat owners have experienced. Beware that a hairline crack may develop outside or inside the toilet.

While the brand will replace a cracked or leaking toilet, replacing a toilet is exhausting.

d) Requires Multiple Flushes

Although Eljer Diplomat is designed to eject waste with one flush, many users claim that they have to flush multiple times to clear the bowl.

e) Cleaning Problem

Water doesn’t flow to a decent level in the bowl because the pedestal that the flapper sits on is too tiny. This design flaw keeps the water in the bowl too low, making it hard to clean well.

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Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review: Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Powerful flush
  • It’s ADA-compliant
  • It consumes less water
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Chlorine-resistant flush valve
  • It’s available in round and elongated styles
  • 12-inch rough-in


  • It’s susceptible to leaks and cracks
  • You may need to flush multiple times

FAQ on Eljer Diplomat Toilet Review

1. How Good Is An Eljer Diplomat Toilet?

Eljer Diplomat is built to deliver a powerful flush that will empty the bowl with one flush using less water. It’s also beautiful and durable, has multiple faults, including its vulnerability to leaks and cracks, and has a gap between the bowl and the tank.

2. Who Makes The Diplomat Toilet?

The American Standard Brands makes Diplomat and other Eljer toilets following the acquisition of Eljer Toilets in 2008. Crane and Eljer merged into a company known as American Standard Brands in 2008.


From this Eljer Diplomat toilet review, it’s clear that it has many good features but also comes with multiple shortcomings, including design faults. 

Therefore, you may get better service from a different toilet considering the market offers several high-quality toilets with powerful flushing.

Nonetheless, Eljer provides replacement parts or refunds on faulty toilets.

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