dual flush toilet which button to push

Dual Flush Toilet Which Button to Push

A dual-flush toilet is a 1960 invention by TOTO, a sanitary product manufacturing company in Japan with two buttons, allowing you to flush with different quantities of water. This brings us to the topic at hand, which button should you push when using a dual flush toilet?

You should push the smaller button if you only urinated and the larger button if you took a dump. This is because the smaller button is ideal for a single flush, while the larger button is ideal for a dual flush since it delivers more water. 

Knowing which button or lever to pull will help you save water, making it good for the environment and your pockets.  

This invention is now nearly universally adopted in Israel, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia and is becoming popular in other countries.   

How Does A Dual Flush Mechanism Work? 

Dual flush toilets are designed to let you flush with different quantities of water, using flush buttons mounted on the tank lid top. The button you push will depend on whether you wish to flush solid or liquid waste. 

Therefore, flush liquids with the small button and solid waste with the large button. Consequently, it will show you what to push if your dual flush toilet uses a handle. 

Some dual push toilets indicate the option for less water use with a green color.  

Standard single flush toilets flush waste using a siphoning tube by filling the water into the siphon tube then draining the water and waste. On the other hand,  dual flush toilets have a large valve to control the quantity of water flowing down the toilet bowl based on the button you push. 

The valve is fixed on the flush valve opening’s top with a rubber seal to prevent water from running into the toilet bowl continuously when not in use. Dual flush toilet relies on gravity to get rid of waste and water naturally, thus using a reduced amount of water during every flush.  

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What Happens If You Push Both Buttons On A Dual Flush Toilet?

As you know, a dual flush toilet comes with two buttons, designed to serve different purposes, so simultaneously pushing both buttons isn’t necessary. However, if you happen to do it, your action will offer the toilet bowl additional pressure, taking more water to flush.

Pushing both buttons makes the toilet take more water to eliminate the waste than it would have with one button. While doing so won’t destroy your toilet, you will be wasting water unnecessarily.

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Why Should You Get A Dual Flush Toilet?

There is an argument to be made for switching your toilet to a dual-flush model. Below are its benefits.

1. Environmental Friendly

One of the main reasons for installing a dual flush toilet is to conserve water since such a toilet uses less water to clean urine, poo, and other wastes from your toilet bowl. The number of times you pee is considerably more than how often you poop.

Therefore, since a dual flush toilet flushes your urine using less water, you get to save a large amount every day. To be precise, these toilets save over 60% water, making them more efficient than the standard single flush toilets.

For example, the rating on a single flush toilet and dual flush toilet is 1.28 GPF and 1/1.6 GPF, respectively. This means a single flush toilet can only flush with 1.28 gallon per flush, while a dual flush toilet can use 1.6 or 1 gallon per flush. 

2. Saves Money

Since dual flush toilets drain wastes with less water, your water bill is lowered. Imagine how much money you will save by using 60% less water to flush your toilet.

While fixing a dual flush toilet in your home will not make you rich, it will reduce your monthly budget considerably.

3. Saves Space

Most single flush toilets have the handle fitted on the side, taking more space. While this isn’t a huge deal if you have a large bathroom, it may prove problematic if you have a tiny washroom.

Consequently, dual flush toilets don’t take a lot of space since their flush buttons are mounted on top of the tank. This makes them excellent for smaller bathrooms.

4. Dual Flush Toilets Are Stylish

Dual flush toilets, especially the ones with flush buttons, feature a more modern and stylish look than single flush toilets that have flush handles. The buttons give the toilet a seamless design that’s effortless to clean and easy on the eyes. 

5. They Clog Less

Dual flush toilets get rid of waste via a large trap way with the help of gravity instead of siphoning the waste. The trap way’s size lowers clogging incidences. 

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Problems With Dual Flush Toilets

You may experience certain issues from a dual flush toilet. These include:

a) Difficult Repair And Maintenance

Since dual flush toilets feature dual flushing, repairs can cost you considerably more than the cost of repairing a single dual toilet. Moreover, maintenance can be challenging, especially if you aren’t conversant with the mechanics of these toilets. 

b) They Are Difficult To Clean

Flushing with low water volume can leave residue in most dual flush toilet models; hence these toilets need regular cleaning.

c) Challenging To Install

Depending on the model, installing a dual flush toilet yourself can be pretty challenging. Therefore, you may need to hire a professional. 

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d) Sticking Flush Buttons

sometimes the flush button may pop straight up when you push it to flush the toilet. If you miss this, your toilet will run non-stop.

This comes about when minerals or dirt embed under the buttons. Fortunately, you can quickly solve this problem by lifting and flipping the lid over the sink then using running water to clean the buttons. 

If the flush buttons are too dirty, clean them with a sponge and dish soap or vinegar.

e)   Constant Running Water

A malfunctioning fill valve can make a dual flush toilet run constantly, but a defective flush valve seal commonly causes this problem. A faulty flush valve seal can be caused by the presence of mineral deposits or debris, wear and tear, or misalignment.

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FAQ on Dual Flush Toilet Which button to push

1. Are dual flush toilets harder to fix?

Dual flush toilets are harder to fix because they are built differently than single flush toilets. Therefore, locating its parts can be challenging if you don’t know its mechanism.

The repairs and maintenance can also be costly.

2. Are Dual Flush Toilets Worth It?

Dual flush toilets are worth it since they offer dual flushing, which allows you to save water by using different buttons depending on what you want to flush. Draining urine from the toilet bowl consumes less water, making these toilets eco-friendly and friendly to your pocket. 

3. What Button Do You Press On A Dual Flush Toilet?

Press the small button to flush liquid waste and the big one for solid waste. The tiny flush button uses a reduced amount of water to flush. 


We hope you now know the button to push when using a dual flush toilet, as this knowledge will help you save water and, in turn, money. A dual-flush toilet is a worthy investment worth considering when it’s time to remodel your bathroom. 

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