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Caroma Toilet Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Nobody wants a toilet prone to clogging, so it’s essential to have a properly designed toilet with exceptional performance. Caroma toilets are dependable toilets that are resistant to clogging and work extremely well. 

Caroma made the first dual-flush toilet in the world, thus helping reduce the amount of water needed to flush down wastes from your toilets. The brand aims to make life much better for the benefit of the planet and the people. 

The Australian company is best known for developing dual-flush toilets, which have since become popular in homes, office towers, shopping malls, and sports arenas. 

Let’s take a look at what Caroma has to offer to consumers.

Does Caroma Make Good Toilets?

Caroma makes high-performance, high-quality toilets designed to conserve water, so if you want to lower your water bill and stop wasting water, consider getting a Caroma toilet. For instance, everyone in your home can save 1000 gallons of water annually using a Caroma dual-flush toilet.

Caroma toilets are built with the largest trapway preventing clogs, a quality that makes these toilets convenient and low-maintenance. In addition, these toilets feature minimalist, modern, and traditional options made to save water and look great in any home.

Is Caroma A Good Brand?

Caroma is among the leading producers of water-efficient toilets, focusing on conserving water by minimizing the amount of water used to flush the toilet. However, despite its focus on water conservation, the brand does not sacrifice style.

It produces a wide range of toilets made in different styles, including minimalist, traditional, and modern models. Therefore, you can easily find a product that suits your preference and style while delivering high-performance.

Caroma was established in 1941 as a plastics producer before transitioning to manufacturing plastic toilet cisterns after making the first plastic syringe that could be sterilized with heat. The company exploded from there to what we know today.

The company’s innovative concepts that pioneered plastic use in bathrooms for functional and design purposes earned it the “Good Design” label in the 1970s. 

Caroma made a cistern that could hold two different water volumes with specific volumes in 1980. The brand had to perform a toilet bowl redesign to optimize flushing efficiency using less water.

A trial rollout of this cistern in a small town resulted in 32,000 litres of water savings annually. This led to the Australian government passing legislation requiring dual-flush technology use in new buildings. 

Top Caroma Toilets Review

While Caroma has many toilets, the most popular ones are Somerton, Brisbane, Caravelle, and Sydney II.

1. Caroma Caravelle Smart 989900

This dual-flush toilet illustrates Caroma’s dedication to smart design and simple beauty, offering a smart glaze coating, high-efficiency flush technology, and sleek silhouette. It features an entirely skirted bowl, promoting easier cleaning and creating a beautiful appearance.

Caroma’s Smart Connect allows this toilet to facilitate 12-inch and 10-inch rough-in installation. The installation process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require you to drill the bathroom floor.

In addition, it’s easy to clean the toilet bowl, and it remains clean longer because of the Smart Glaze Nano-technology coating. Caroma Caravelle Smart’s elongated bowl has a detachable, slow-close seat.

This toilet is ideal for individuals with mobility issues and tall people since its seat is 18 inches high. Additionally, it fits smaller bathrooms because of its narrow width.


  • High-efficiency dual-flush
  • Beautiful design
  • 10-inch and 12-inch rough-in installation possible
  • Suitable for smaller bathrooms
  • Easy to install and clean


  • Limited color option-available in white only

2. Caroma Somerton Smart 810788/ 829109

If you are looking for practical sophistication from a toilet, consider getting a Caroma Somerton. This two-piece toilet features an elongated bowl with a height of 16.5 inches, a relatively rounded tank, and a removable soft-close seat. 

Moreover, it’s fitted with a full glazed trapway twice the industry standard in size, virtually eliminating clogging. The Caroma Smart Connect ensures Caroma Somerton works with 12-inch and 10-inch rough-in installation and facilitates easy installation and cleaning.

Furthermore, the toilet bowl is fully skirted, promoting easier cleaning and enhancing the toilet’s beauty. Its dual-flush mechanism functions efficiently and quietly.


  • Looks luxurious
  • Flushes quietly
  • It’s lightweight
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • Easy installation and cleaning


  • Available only in white

3. Sydney Smart II Easy Height Elongated Dual-flush Toilet

This high-efficiency dual-flush toilet’s innovation is enough for any home, while its power is sufficient even for demanding commercial areas. It doesn’t clog, thanks to its large, full glazed trapway (twice the industry’s standard size).

It features a classic style ideal for different decor and a traditional style tank, offering an easy swap with the old toilet. It has a 16.5 inches high toilet bowl, a slow-close seat, and a 12-inch rough-in.

While this toilet does not have a lot of bells and whistles, it offers everything you would need from a standard toilet.


  • Fully glazed trapway
  • It doesn’t clog
  • Elongated seat
  • Powerful flush
  • Slow-close seat


  • Not ideal for people who prefer one-piece toilets

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4. Caroma Brisbane 270 Dual-flush Toilet Suite

It features a distinctive style and a minimalistic design, so if you enjoy exceptional style, Caroma Brisbane 270 is the ideal toilet for you. It’s made with a rounded seat and a boxy tank with clean lines flowing from one surface to the other, giving it a contemporary design and making cleaning easy. 

It has an extra-wide, entirely concealed trapway, a dual-flush mechanism, and is water-saving, although it utilizes more water compared to Caravelle and Sydney II. Furthermore, its WaterSense labeled and adjustable to 10-inch and 12-inch rough-in. 

It has an ample-sized bowl and seat and an over 16 inches high toilet seat, making it comfortable for the majority of people. 


  • Unique, minimalistic design
  • Easy to clean
  • extra-wide, fully concealed trapway
  • high-efficiency toilet


  • It may be small for some people
  • It’s available only in white

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How Do You Fix A Leaking Caroma Toilet?

Your Caroma toilet is leaking, possibly because the outflow valve is worn-out or the inflow valve is damaged. Knowing the cause of the leak is vital to efficiently fixing the problem.

Follow the steps below to fix the outflow valve and the inflow valve.

Outflow Valve

  • Detach the flat rubber seal (it’s black) from the seat of the outflow valve by pulling it sideways. Needle-nosed pliers can help you get this task done.
  • Replace the seal by stretching it over the seat, making sure the seal is stretched evenly. Needle-nosed pliers will also come in handy here. 
  • Clean the outflow valve section thoroughly to eliminate debris, dirt particles, and grime that can lead to leakage.
  • Reassemble your cistern, restore the water supply and check if the issue is resolved. 
  • If the issue persists, consider hiring a professional

Inflow Valve

  • Use large spanners or pliers to unscrew the screw keeping the inflow valve in place. It’s typically white.
  • Remove the rubber seal found inside and check if it’s dirty as that could be causing the leak. Ensure it’s completely clean. 
  • Reinsert the clean rubber seal and tighten the seal properly.
  • Put the cistern back in its place, turn on the water supply, and determine if the issue is resolved.
  • Consider calling an expert if the problem isn’t fixed.

FAQs on Caroma Toilet Reviews

Are Caroma Toilets Made In China?

Caroma toilets are made in Europe, China, and Malaysia following the closure of its last Australia-based factory in 2017. The brand announced its plan to stop manufacturing its products in Australia in 2014 and went ahead to shut down its Wetherill Park, Sydney factory in 2014, and Norwood factory in 2017.

Caroma self-distributes its products within Australia. On the other hand, it sells in other countries through distributors like Sanlamere in the United Kingdom and Sustainable Solutions International in North America.

Is Caroma Australian Owned?

Caroma is an Australian-owned company that deals in designing and distributing bathroom products. Hungarian-born Charles Rothauser established the brand in 1941.


Caroma toilets have been around for over 80 years, and the brand continues to produce high-efficiency toilets suitable for all homes. The company offers one-piece and two-piece toilets, including uniquely designed models like the Brisbane.

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